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Education at Dharma Academy shows how highly you value your dog.

Stop training and start parenting your pup.
Dogs are eager and enthusiastic
Learn to teach
without crushing their spirit.






Dharma Academy  demolishes most of what you probably learned about dogs. 

Dogs will be dogs and dogs should be dogs. There is no universal dog, not one method or formula to use in every situation. 

Dogs have individual emotions and opinions. They have their own perceptions and ideas. What dogs don’t have is the lifestyle of wolves, they don’t live in packs and they don’t barbecue grasshoppers. 

What dogs do or don’t do and what’s good or bad for dogs can’t be generalized. It has to be about each individual, unique dog.

This is indeed disconcerting for those who lean on old excuses and scapegoating of common dog training.

But for those who long for that one true bond and family life with their dogs it’s also exciting and fascinating.

What we teach for decades is now backed up by science; dogs are much like young children and should be parented rather than trained, taught instead of pushed. Elite parenting takes you and your dog to a whole different level.


This path isn’t for everyone, but for the right people, it transforms lives.  

There is nothing wrong with your dog, just the methods and attitudes you have been using.


Hey you,  human, whose dog’s happiness shivers in their hands. Still you.

Feel embarrassed by that fragile furry soul’s behavior and want to change it to impress neighbors, friends, restaurant folks and stop that dog trainer from laughing at you?

Stick to all those common dog trainers who will set your dog “straight” and call it positive reinforcement to make you feel better.  Leave here knowing your dog deserves better.

If you look for a psychological new approach and don’t mind under the hood it’s the same old conditioning  and training, do it somewhere else and waste your money and your dogs mind while pretending to be better.

If you look for something real and different - your dogs best interest, body heart mind soul -  we’re your only choice, welcome to the true sharp cutting edge.

Out of all the people in the world, how lucky are you to find Dharma Academy and have the chance to do better for your dog?!

Lucky pups and peeps agree

With the right stimulation and support from the outset, dogs can develop their full potential.

Change your view on dogs and discover something new.



Explore your passion with enrichment opportunities. Learn how to write a better story, to find a better life for your dog and for you. Learn simply for the love of dogs.



Solve problems, develop everyday skills. Learn to live with your dog.


Professional Development

Broaden your skillset , learn a new skill and make a better life for dogs your mission. Help others to re-write their stories with courses designed for professionals and those who want to start a new career.



Advance your career and learn from our experience and research. Add revolutionary fields of expertise to your arsenal such as Trauma Specialist for dogs. 

Dharma Academy is your lifelong learning partner.

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